“Choosing Cape Ann Preschool was easy…”


I was fortunate to meet Meghan professionally shortly after she took over Cape Ann Preschool.  We were at a Cape Ann Community Partnership for Children and Families meeting at Pathways for Children. As the Cape Ann Museum Director of Education I was there to report to the group about the family and children programs offered by the Museum.

Meghan, who had recently returned home after spending some time on the west coast, shared her enthusiasm for the preschool and was there to learn more about educational opportunities and other community offerings that she could share with her school community.  Our paths continued to cross, whether through Cape Ann Preschool visits to the Museum or at other community events. I enjoyed learning about the school, meeting the families and teachers and seeing the Cape Ann Preschool community in action.

Through my work at Endicott College as a social studies methods professor, I found myself in preschools, both public and private, throughout the north shore to observe my students doing their practicums. Through my work at CAM I saw numerous preschools visiting the Museum and at times I would make trips into schools to do Museum programs.

Meghan and her teachers create a warm, welcoming and fun learning environment for all children.

When it came time to choose a preschool for my 3 year old, the decision was easy.  After meeting Meghan when she first took over Cape Ann Preschool, and working with her professionally for several years, the more I learned about it, the more I knew it was right for my son. Meghan and her teachers create a warm, welcoming and fun learning environment for all children. They understand each child’s strengths and challenges, and they communicate openly with parents to make sure each child is thriving.

My son has a lot of energy, which isn’t uncommon, but can be a challenge at times both at home and at school. Shelley recognized that immediately and spent time talking on the phone with me one evening to share ideas about activities to help him get his energy out in a positive way. Now in his second year, he has definitely slowed down a bit, and I am still enjoying the open lines of communication with Mara and Meghan.

I also love being able to get glimpses into their world. Not only are parents welcome to spend time in the classroom, Meghan also uploads images on a weekly basis and Mara sends weekly newsletters home. My son has become a confident, compassionate and caring child who is community minded. This is the outcome I was hoping for, for my only child’s preschool experience. What is even better is that he is definitely kindergarten ready. He is enjoying learning how to read, write and do simple math. And most importantly he is having fun and loves school.

– Courtney and Ben Richardson

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