“A superlative experience!”

Cape Ann Preschool has been a superlative experience for our daughter, Francesca, and for us as parents. You can feel how warm, positive, and nurturing the environment is the minute you walk through the door for the first time (and not only because walking in the door is often accompanied by a hug). The play-based […]


“A great start towards a life of kindness…”

When we were choosing a preschool for our daughter, Matilda, our main focus was finding an environment in which she could fully be herself but be gently trained, encouraged, and prepared for entering kindergarten.  After meeting with Meghan and having a tour, we were certain that Cape Ann Preschool was the right choice for our family. […]

“Choosing Cape Ann Preschool was easy…”

I was fortunate to meet Meghan professionally shortly after she took over Cape Ann Preschool.  We were at a Cape Ann Community Partnership for Children and Families meeting at Pathways for Children. As the Cape Ann Museum Director of Education I was there to report to the group about the family and children programs offered […]

“Ready for Kindergarten!”

We cannot say enough about our family’s experience with Cape Ann Preschool. Our 4-year-old daughter is our third child to go through their amazing program. We chose Cape Ann Preschool for our children for so many reasons, but the first was the warm and nurturing teachers. Each school day is greeted by smiles and hugs, […]