Individual Development


Every child develops differently, though with the right encouragement can develop a well-rounded sense of personal accomplishment, a passion for learning, and confidence. Individual (or personal) development is a measure of a student’s cognitive and emotional development, focusing on self direction, self control, and other personal skills which contribute to their ability to learn.

Why is Individual Development important?

Every child comes with their own unique skills, personalities, and challenges; some challenges are harder than others to overcome, especially for a preschooler. Identifying need for early intervention only happens if a child’s adult support system is aware and ready to help. Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs) are measures that can fill the gap by providing helpful information about children’s growth toward outcomes.

How does Cape Ann Preschool cultivate Individual Development?

Each student is assessed on a regular basis for indicators of progress appropriate to their ages and stage of learning. Our teachers care deeply about each of their students, and look to maximize their success and encourage growth in areas that need to see growth. Our assessments happen informally throughout the school year and look for students to demonstrate:

  • Self-confidence and self direction
  • Using materials and time appropriately
  • Treating themselves and others well
  • Number and letter naming
  • Alliteration, word matching, and verbal formation
  • Rhyming, singing, and recitation
  • Picture naming of self and others

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