5 Ways To Build Independence, Confidence and Success In Your Preschooler


5 Ways To Start Building Independence, Confidence and Success In Your Child Entering Preschool

1. Practice getting dressed without help: putting on/zipping coats, putting on/taking off shoes (velcro shoes and slip-ons are great!), putting on winter gear such as hats and mittens. Dress your child in comfortable clothes that he or she can pull up/down independently when going to the bathroom.

2. Have a picnic lunch using the child’s lunch box to practice lunch time independence. Use this time to make sure your child can open and close the containers alone and be sure to pack a variety of foods to eat ensuring choice. It is important to practice the idea that the child should remain sitting to eat until your picnic time is over.

3. Have one-on-one short (45 min) play-dates so that your child can develop relationships with friends outside of school. Let your child learn to resolve conflicts by working things out by themselves. Don’t rush in to intervene unless it gets physical. End it while they are having fun so they’ll remember the positive experience.

4. Give your child the words to say when he or she is mad, frustrated, sad, etc. and is acting out. Often, “bad” behavior is just the child’s easiest way of trying to express him/herself.

5. Focus on the positive! Notice the little things your child can do and tell them about it.

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