Teaching Social Skills

Turn-taking, sharing, making eye contact, responding appropriately, asking for help, joining in play, helping, waiting, listening, and using kind words are just some of the social skills children practice every day at preschool. Throughout our day, the teachers purposefully create opportunities for the children to apply these skills. We teach and model desired behaviors, words, and even emotions while they interact with one another in their play.
We love the book about karma for kids, “Fill a Bucket: A Daily Guide to Happiness for Young Children” by Carol McCloud and Katherine Martin. The story teaches that inside everyone is an invisible bucket and when we do nice things, we fill the buckets of others as well as our own. The children are learning that their actions have consequences and they can affect the feelings of others.  We have a physical representation of this bucket in the classroom which we fill with “warm fuzzies” (pom-poms) when we observe the kids being bucket fillers.
We are so lucky to work with children and families that fill our buckets each day!


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