I’m Home With My Kids By Choice. Why Should I Send Them To Preschool?


At Cape Ann Preschool, we believe that preschool is a place of learning and support for both the child and the parents.

At preschool, we help children learn to separate from their parents, practice social skills with peers, learn self-help skills, and gain exposure to experiences and materials to which they might not at home. Teachers are trained to understand child development at this age and have years of practical experience. We recognize children’s areas of strength where they need to be challenged as well as areas in which the child may struggle and can provide support and guidance. Teachers facilitate learning and opportunities for interaction, Teachers are not play-mates we are observers and guides in learning through play.

We support parents as they move through this challenging time. During the preschool years, children are learning at an astonishing rate. Not only are they learning new language, facts, and skills, but they are learning to find their place in their world. This is often manifested through testing limits and boundaries. They want to be your “baby” and do everything themselves at the same time. They are learning to deal with new emotions and social situations. Their bodies and minds are rapidly developing which can result in changes in their eating, sleep, and behavior. We recognize the stress and struggles this can cause for parents navigating the changing attitudes and behaviors of your child. We have years of experience as parents ourselves and working with hundreds of preschoolers over the years. We are happy to listen, offer support, and help find strategies to your parenting dilemmas.

Preschool is a place for both your child and you to make new friends. Your children have the opportunity to make friends through play and time at school. You will be introduced to families with children your own age, who may be going through the same things with their child and have somewhat similar values (at least based on preschool choice). Being home with your child can be lonely! It can be awkward to approach other parents at the park, library, on a walk, etc. At preschool, most parents are in the same situation whether it’s their first or fifth child. Mingling at drop off in the mornings, pick up in the afternoons, arranging play-dates, and attending parent workshops are easy ways to meet other parents.

Sending your child to preschool is an investment in their future and your well-being as a parent. When looking for a preschool, be sure to find a school that feels right for your child as well as for you.

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