Adventures in Open Play: Fun for Kids that costs $1


Looking for a fun inside activity to do this long weekend? Got $1.00? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then welcome to our world!

Shaving cream = $1.00 and an hour of fun!


  • Raid your bathroom cabinet or stop by the Dollar Tree to pick up a can of shaving cream.
  • Clear table or kitchen counter.
  • Gather the kids and roll up their sleeves.
  • Squirt a fist sized mound of shaving cream directly onto the table.
  • Sit back and enjoy as the kids explore, squish, draw, and write.
  • When the shaving cream evaporates, give them another squirt and let the fun continue!

To jazz things up if the fun is fading, find kitchen utensils for them to use to write, give them prompts for drawing or writing, you can be the drawer and ask the kids to guess what you are creating, and/or add a drop or two of food coloring on to the shaving cream.  If you are worried about food coloring staining the counter, etc., protect clothes and surfaces by using the shaving cream on a cookie sheet or tray.

Why we love it as teachers:

  • Develops skills through sensory integration
  • Read this article for more information on the importance of sensory play
  • Fosters communication
  • Open ended play (no rules, definite beginning or end)
  • Easy clean up

Every moment of the day is an opportunity to learn something new, have an adventure, and find some fun along the way. Helping children learn how to explore creativity in themselves and others, though it may require a little cleanup afterwards, is a valuable life skill that we incorporate into our academic approach at Cape Ann Preschool each day.

What are your ideas? We would love to hear them! Leave a comment and let’s start that conversation.

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